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APS Bank is an institution with a long history of activity covering the financial needs of the widest spectrum possible of the local personal and commercial fabric. Medium to long term strategic decisions taken less than two decades ago saw the Bank grow from a small savings bank into a force to be reckoned with, especially in niche areas such as housing, agriculture and fisheries, sport and education.

Undoubtedly, the recruitment of highly qualified staff members, all well versed in different areas of management, professions and specific sector knowledge, has enabled APS reach much higher corporate objectives. Supported with much needed capital injection in areas such as information technology infrastructure and distribution network, the Bank has become more accessible to a vaster audience. The introduction of internet banking has helped the Bank reach parity levels as regards accessibility and interactivity when compared to similar initiatives taken by much larger financial institutions.

As part of its overall corporate raison d’être, January 2008 saw the incorporation of APS Funds Sicav p.l.c, a locally registered multi-fund investment Company whose funds are also licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as collective investment schemes in Malta under the Investment Services Act, Cap. 370. APS Funds Sicav p.l.c has appointed APS Bank Limited as the Fund’s Investment Manager with the primary aim being that of providing management services to the Company and each of the Funds.

More details on both APS Bank Limited and APS Funds Sicav p.l.c may be found on the Bank’s corporate website,


Registered office

APS Funds Sicav p.l.c 
APS House
20 St Anne Square
Floriana FRN 9020